Resilience Manager of the Year: LinoPro Management Among Top Candidates.

Our managing directors at LinoPro, Mr. Arndt Bretschneider & Rene Luhde, were nominated as resilience managers for the "Saxon Entrepreneur of the Year" award. Although we couldn't win the prize, we are proud to be among the top candidates and see this as validation of our efforts to strengthen the company's resilience. LinoPro has expanded its service portfolio and increased its resilience to negative market influences. We plan to continue investing in our employees and infrastructure to ensure that we can provide the best service to our customers even in challenging times.

Certificate for nomination for Saxony Entrepreneur of the Year in the field of resilience managementOn May 12, 2023, it was time, and many of Saxony's best entrepreneurs gathered at the Gläserne Manufaktur Dresden for the annual "Saxony Entrepreneur of the Year" award ceremony. We are pleased to inform you that our managing directors, Mr. Arndt Bretschneider and Mr. Rene Luhde, were nominated for the prestigious award as resilience managers and even made it to the final selection. Resilience is a crucial factor in the business world and distinguishes companies that are particularly well-prepared for changes and crises.

The award ceremony took place last weekend (May 12, 2023), and we warmly congratulate the winning team of Carl & Carla on their success. Although we did not win the prize this time, we are still proud to be among the top candidates. This recognition shows that LinoPro is on the right track, and our efforts to strengthen our resilience as a company are bearing fruit.

LinoPro is a provider of innovative solutions in the field of custom software development and engineering services. In particular, in recent years, the company has significantly increased its resilience to negative market influences through an expansion of its service portfolio and entering new industries. In challenging times, we have benefited from our management skills in being prepared for unforeseen events. Our team is continuously working to prepare our processes, infrastructure, and employees for possible challenges. These efforts are reflected in the nomination of Mr. Bretschneider as a resilience manager.

We are convinced that our experience and commitment will further enhance the resilience of the company in the coming years. We will continue to invest in our employees and infrastructure to ensure that we can provide the best possible service to our customers, even in difficult times.

Although we did not win the coveted prize this time, we consider the nomination as confirmation of our efforts. We will take this recognition as motivation to further strengthen our resilience and prepare our company for future challenges.